10 Minutes Of This Exercise Burns More Calories Than 30 Minutes Of Jogging

When people think about running, they mostly think of it as a very hard activity to do. People usually have many problems that stop them from doing it like sore feet, joint pain, bad knees or injuries.

Luckily for you, here we’re going to present you an exercise that will only take you 10 minutes and you’ll burn more calories than with any other exercise very fast!

You just need one jump rope! Here are only some of the benefits that this exercise offers:

A whole body exercise

This is an exercise that is going to tone your legs, back, arms, shoulders and abs e.g. your whole body!

It Burns Calories

You only need 10 minutes of rope jumping in order to burn calories like you would do with half an hour of jogging. It is also going to improve your complete cardiovascular system.

It Improves Coordination

We’ve all probably tried to jump a rope, but it’s not that simple. It is an excellent exercise though because it will improve your overall balance, coordination and reflexes.

It’s Versatile

Do this where you want to: in the gym, on the beach, at home or in the garden.

Additional tips:

  • The rope needs to be adequately long with quality material. You can buy it in some well-equipped sports stores.
  • The shoes you’re going to wear need to be without padding. You can also try and jump barefoot.
  • Your whole body and your head should be straight. Try to look ahead and keep your knees bent. Your elbows should be near the body.
  • Start spinning the rope using your wrists and not your arms.
  • Use your fingers to grip the jump rope handles.
  • Make sure your heels don’t touch the ground while you’re skipping the rope. You have to use the front of your feet so that they can propel you and you can land. Make sure you don’t jump high. Jump only enough to skip the rope.
  • When you feel like you’re ready, try various styles: single leg hop, crossover and double turn.

Here’s a video that will show you our suggestions for 10 minutes of a rope skipping exercise!


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