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4 Signs of Acidic Body to Recognize and Fix

The human body is complex and has many linked organs in balance work. They make harmony in chemicals, cells, bacteria and this makes medical issues.

The best way to balance this is look at the pH. What is pH? And is it imbalanced?

What is pH

pH is the balance of alkalinity and acidity. Both are crucial. The belly for example needs acidity for digestion and immunity needs alkalinity.


pH scale is from 0-14, the lower is more acidic and perfect is around 7. We need this for best health of organs. But this is hard to have since acidity lures always.

Signs of acidic body

Acidity is not easily measured as temperature, and is not seen with blood analysis. To see acidity, monitor some signs.

1. Excess weight

Acidity makes more insulin and more fat is stored. Detox systems cannot work well and push toxins back in fat tissues and cells. Metabolism that needs alkalinity cannot work well too, and does not burn calories.

2. Weak bones

Our body is smart, so when there is excess acid it pushes it to make counter effect. It gets alkaline items in bones, and this is not good. You lack calcium over time and bones become fragile and weak, prone to osteoporosis and fractures. This is why osteoporosis patients must avoid coffee.


3. Tooth sensitivities

A study of 2015, of International Journal of chemical engineering and applications said acidity makes less teeth enamel. If you have more cavities and eat hot or cold foods, this might be degrading teeth.


4. Sleep issues

Stats said Americans lack sleep the most. Why? Insomnia is linked to acidity. As we said, acidic body strips calcium off us and depletes it. this links to insomnia said Human nutrition research center, North Dakota.

Best 4 ways for pH balance

1. Start with lemon water in the morning

Lemons are acidic and combined with water are alkaline. We need this, so after waking up start the day with 2 cups warm water and lemon. This removes acids, cleans digestion organs and makes metabolism fast. Stay hydrated for detox and avoid waste accumulation.


2. Raw foods, smoothies and green juices

Have more veggies, fruits, greens, wheatgrass, seaweed, sprouts, nuts, grains, smoothies. All have phytochemicals, minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll, oxygen. Oxygen kills cancer cells, virus, bacteria, microorganisms so avoid fast foods, sugars, animal items.


3. Workout, manage stress, sleep, avoid chemicals and smoking

Lack of movements, drugs, cigarettes, stress, anger all make inflammation. Have naps, yoga, breathe better, walk in nature and relax.


4. Acv and baking soda

Have half tsp baking soda and add 2 spoons acv. This is fizzy but mix in 8 oz water. Drink up.


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