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6 Best Methods to Detox of Fluoride, Neurotoxin

Sodium fluoride is neurotoxin and is same as lead, arsenic, mercury, but still seen in USA water for drinking. How to detox of this?

Health experts have tried to debate for years about fluoride being toxic. Even small amount applied makes tooth decay, but little evidence is there to say that fluoride is healthy for ingestion.

The oldest medical journal The Lancet, stated this additive is neurotoxin and same as lead, arsenic and mercury. It is seen in drinking water, some foods, toothpastes and it makes neurotoxicity, hyperactivity, dyslexia and cognition issues.

They said in 2013 of Harvard university that studies were funded by national health institutes. The experts said kids that have fluoride water have lower IQ that those with less fluoride water. Also the Harvard website said excess fluoride makes neurotoxicity in adults too and bad memory, all seen in rodents. Little is known for kids development here.

Despite this, fluoride is added still in 60% USA states water supplies. This is alarming, since this item is also a mild rat poison.

The toxin piles up inside us and makes problem like dental fluorosis, pain, aches, and more.

Have lots of clean water and also do these:

1. Adequate iodine

Iodine is vital for metabolism and thyroid. This pushes fluoride through urine. Have nori, wakame, dulse, seaweed, cranberries, potatoes, yoghurt, strawberries, navy beans.


2. Boron

Boron also detox this. Have nuts, prunes, honey, dates, banana, broccoli, avocado.


3. Tamarind

This is African fruit and used as spice in Ayurveda. Also is found as tea and tincture.


4. More calcium and Mg

Most people lack Mg since the soil is depleted of this mineral. It plays a role for cell and metabolism work. Along this, calcium attracts fluoride of bones and teeth and removes it. take them both and also have leafy greens, fish, nuts, seeds, grains, beans, avocado, yoghurt, banana, dry fruit, dark chocolate.


5. Liver cleanse

Cleanse the liver. This organs has over 400 functions and when it is burdened, signs show. Fluoride is not found naturally in us, and gets stuck in liver inside. Have lemon water after waking up, eat garlic, lemons, turmeric, lime, avocado and remove metals and toxins.


6. Sauna

Saunas make great detox and sweat it out. Before sauna have lots of water and prevent dehydration.

Have organic whole diet, workout, have 20 min sun per day, think good things, and you will feel amazing.


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