7 Effective Exercises to Get Rid of Folds on Your Back and Sides

A fit body is something we all desire to have, especially when the summer period begins. Still, this is a very difficult task since we have to pay attention to the food we intake, as well as to try and exercise as much as we can so that we can offer our body tone and vitality.

One of the most important parts of our body is our back, but unfortunately many of us seem to forget about it. It is what keeps us straight, but can cause problems if we spend more time on the PC or stand for too long.

The following exercises are for your back. Repeat them several times a week and you’ll notice great improvements. They are not difficult at all, but you may find them demanding.


Band forward

Your hands should be on the ground. Your knees mustn’t be twisted. Stand straight and after that lean down once again. This procedure should be repeated 10-15 times.  


Side bands

One of your hands should be down with a dumbbell. Your other hand should be behind the back piece of your head. Use short movements to move your arm. Repeat it 15-20 times.



It’s an exercise also very helpful for the hands.


Bow stance

This movement will make you act like a child. You’re going to be like a libel. You just have to lay on your belly. Then use your hands to grab your lower legs. Curve forward and then go back. This should be done for 60 seconds.


Superman posture

First, you have to lay on your belly. Make sure your legs are still while you lift your hands at the same time. This exercise should be repeated 15-20 times.


Upper back lifts on stability ball

This is an exercise that you’ll do with a ball. First, take the ball. Lay on the ball on your stomach. Your legs should be spread at the same width with your shoulders. Make sure your hands are on the back of your head. Lift your shoulders and then bring them down. Your neck should be in a straight position for the whole time.  



This is one of the exercises that’s extremely beneficial for your back. You must be very careful about it because it can be very hard. Prepare for it several weeks before doing it. You should do a bridge after a bridge.

First, you have to lie on your back. Bend your knees. Put the palms of your hands on the ground, but above your head. Your body shall be lifted gradually, but you should also lift your shoulders. Curve your back. Make sure you remain in this position for several seconds. When you finish with it, your body should be put down on the ground, but do it gradually.


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