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8 Health Warnings Your Fingernails May Be Sending

Although most people don’t give two cents about the state of their fingernails, they can actually say a lot about the state of our health. Our fingernails can give valuable insight into our health, and learning how to recognize the signs of some diseases on them can actually save your life.

Look at your nails now – just put them right in front of your eyes and study them closely. How do the curves, ridges or dips look? What’s the color of your nails? All of this is very important and can show you if you’re suffering from some disease. Here’s are the potential health hazards you can see on your nails:

1. Thickened nails

If your nails are suddenly too thick and resemble animal claws, it can indicate lung disease or circulatory problems. If the nails are thick and rough in texture, it can be a sign of a fungal infection, while separated and thick nails may be caused by psoriasis or thyroid disorders. Finally, some medications can also cause allergic reaction and thicken your nails.

2. Discolored nails

The nails should be pink with a white bed in the base (lunula). Here’s what discolored nails say about your health:

  • White nails may be a sign of hepatitis and other liver disorders;
  • Blue nails mean that you have low oxygen levels in your blood;
  • Red streaks on the lunula are an indication of heart valve infections;
  • Green nails are caused by bacterial infections;
  • Dark stripes on the nails may be related to congestive heart failure;
  • Dull-colored nails indicate some sign of vitamin deficiency.


3. Concave nails

“Spooned” nails may be a sign of heart disease, hemochromatosis, iron deficiency or hypothyroidism. Once you resolve the underlying condition, your nails should turn back to normal.


4. Split nails

Split nails usually occur as a result of malnutrition or folic acid, vitamin C and protein deficiency. If they’re accompanied by a pitted nail bed, it may be a sign of psoriasis.


5. Ridges

Ridges on the nails are always a bad sign – they usually indicate iron deficiency, lupus or inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.


6. Pitted nails

Pitted nails can of course be a sing of some injury, but they can also indicate some kind of ailments. Experts associate pitted nails with psoriasis, zinc deficiency, alopecia areata or connective tissue disorders. This is why you should take the dips or holes in your nails seriously.


7. Clubbed nails

The clubbing of the nails is related to AIDS, liver disease, lung disease or inflammatory bowel disease, so visit a doctor if your nails are suddenly clubbed.

8. Dry and brittle nails

Dry and brittle nails are related to bacterial health inside the body and hormone levels. They are usually associated with thyroid disorders, but they can also become dry in cases of fungal infections. Both conditions might take some time to treat, so the health of your nails won’t improve for a while.


As you can see, your nails can say a lot about your health. Don’t ignore the changes on them – take them seriously and visit a doctor as soon as possible!

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