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8 Ways to See If You Have Hormonal Imbalance

Lately, many people have constipation, sexual problems, PMS problems, weight gain, sleep issues, brittle nails, fatigue, thin hair and such. This means imbalance in hormones.

The signs of this imbalance

Various types of imbalance

For example bad sleep means wrong work of adrenals so the glands are vital for making stress hormones. Fatigue with brittle nails and thin hair or weight gain and constipation means thyroid issues. PMS and menopause issues mean testosterone problems, estrogen and progesterone too. Weight gain and fatigue are all three.

Weight gain also means too much sugar and starch in diet. The intolerance to carbs  is to blame and we all get insulin resistant from too much carbs.

Conventional testing might be sub-par

To feel and look ill is normal for aging. This means you have imbalance and need reboot. Even if you check adrenals and sugar, thyroid and nothing is bad, you might have hormonal imbalance.

Instead of accepting this, you can balance the hormones. So here are 10 tips to balance them regardless the age.

10 ways to address hormonal imbalance

1. Reduce sweets and starches

Limit these and even remove them all for a few weeks.

2. Reduce grains, high sugar fruits and legumes

A lot of us are intolerant to carbs and do not know it. excess carbs makes metabolic issues and does not process this well.

3. Eat healthy fats

Have more healthy fats daily and make hormones for energy, suppressing cravings and having satiety.

4. Microbiome care

Gut wit fermented foods and fibers makes good bacteria. Apart from elimination, this boosts hormones too.

5. No inflammation foods

Sugar, gluten and fast foods make this. Limit them to keep gut and immunity healthy and endocrine too.

6. Sleep better and more

Bad sleep affects us all and this stops us to make hormones for refreshing cells. This makes faster aging.

7. Reduce stimulants

Too much caffeine, sodas, energy drinks hinder sleep hormones.

8. No chemicals

Lower this exposure of food, air, cosmetics and cleaners. Have less chemical items and limit this exposure.

9. Less meds

Too much time with meds regardless their type, makes imbalance and stress of hormones. At least have smaller doses.


Relax sometimes and watch a movie, dance, walk, workout and have fun. Add meditation too and balance the hormones to be fit.





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