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9 ‘Eerie’ Symptoms Which Indicate That You Had a Silent Stroke and That Another One Will Soon Follow

Stroke is a condition that we mostly know for appearing in not only common in elderly. But, according to recent statistics, people can suffer from stroke at any age.

The best thing would be to prevent the condition which you can do only if you recognize some of the symptoms. So, in this article, we’re presenting you 9 of the early signs of stroke that you must neverg ignore!  


Pain in one side of the face

Even though a stroke doesn’t cause pain, some of the patients have reported that they have felt pain similar to severe stabbing in one side of their face or their upper extremities.


Trouble breathing/Tremor

If you feel that you can’t catch a breath, contact your doctor. It’s because of the insufficient oxygen flow which can also cause heart arrhythmia.


Blurry vision/Loss of vision

According to researchers, 44% of all patients who have suffered a stroke have lost the vision in one eye or both of their eyes before the stroke happened.


Loss of balance/Trouble walking

It isn’t good to feel weak or. People who suffer from stroke often feel paralysis, too and collapse. If you feel this, try to open your arms, but keep your hands faced towards up. Stay like that for 10 seconds. If your arms drop, it means that your muscles are too weak so that they could handle the pressure. Call an ambulance!


Facial paralysis

As we mentioned, paralysis or one side of your face that is paralyzed means that you might have a stroke. It’s one of the most common signs.


Sudden headache/Vertigo

Vertigo is something that happens very common in women under 45. Visit your doctor as soon as possible.


Trouble speaking and understanding speech

Some people feel delirious and are unable to speak, so make sure you call your doctor if you notice these signs!



Some of the female patients claim that they’ve felt disoriented, confused and exhausted before they’ve had a stroke.



Numerous studies claim that headaches and migraines are very common in women patients who have experienced a stroke. According to a special study, 588 of all the participants who have suffered a stroke have already suffered from migraine.

Make sure you always try to care about yourself. Protect yourself in order to have optimal health. Stay away from potential toxins like cigarettes and alcohol, always have a healthy weight, eat well and sleep well!


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