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Avoid This Watermelon

The watermelon fields in east China are full of fruits. Farmers use growth chemicals there to make big crops, but instead they get bad crops.

They use the accelerator forchlorfenuron and those melons that survived, have fibrous and bad shape and white instead black seeds.

This sounds funny but it is reality. Use of such chemical growth made widespread exploded melon syndrome.

What is the item forchlorfenuron?

This is a plant growth chemical registered in USA as environment protection agency in 2004, used on grapes, kiwi and raisins. The EPA pesticide fact sheet claimed this can be used on flowers too and make early blooms in big size, sets, clusters and such. This chemical acts as synergy with auxins for plant cell division and growth.

The MSNBC Chinese farmers  use this the bad way for fruits, on excess wet weather, late in seasons and this exploded melons.

By acre, melons exploded. Epoch Times published in May that seeds used were imported of Japan. Of the 20 farmers in China, 10 used such seeds. It is not yet clear if they used the chemical above too.

Fractured melons are not the worst part here. There is also safety for eating. Nho hazards are told yet but it might be time to think again.

Is growth chemical safe for eating?

MSNBC said there are quotes of the report Feng Shuangqing, prof. of China agricultural university said this problem needs to be addressed in China. Chinese farmers abuse legal and illegal chemicals and use many fertilizers and pesticides.

The item mentioned is legal in USA and China too. The EPA fact sheet said this is not a hazard but nit might affect animals and humans a bit. Side effects in pets and animals are:

  • Less birth weight
  • Less litter size
  • More hair loss
  • More pup mortality

Also this chemical is a bit toxic for freshwater fish.

How to recognize fruit with such chemicals?

One sure sign that the fruit is not all natural is lack of flavor and aroma. This looks ripe, nice, strong colors, but there is no flavor at all. Enhancers make divided cells and the fruit grows rapid fast, but flavor is drained. Flavor means ripeness, and this needs time. Unripe fruits are tasteless.

For watermelons, those with chemicals are large, have bright color outside and inside is more whitish than pink. Other signs are white seeds, fibrous tissue, misshapen fruits and more. This is for plain watermelons originally with black seeds. The seedless watermelon types have regular white seeds inside.


Article and image source: naturalsolutionsmag.com


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