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The Best and Natural Ways to Cure Breast Cyst with Home Items

Did you know that breast cysts are not dangerous but are breast lumps like sack-jam? They have fluid inside that opposes malignant cancer cells. Actually, they look like a single cyst on one or both breasts and mostly is seen in women over 30 up to 60.

The hormones have a big role for the risk since they are seen in pre menopause women and post menopause that have hormone therapy. Other things influence too like vitamin D deficit and too much coffee or alcohol.

You may drain this but if this is serious, then careful here since this might need another drain. Other method is surgery in most serious forms.

Here you can see ways to treat this with nature, which is best for most women.

Natural and good cures for breast cyst and their benefits

1. Wheat juice

You need ice cube box, water and wheat fresh leaves. Crush the wheat leaves and get their juice. Put this in the box and freezer. Put a cube for glass of water and have this for 3 months. This can remove the cyst since the wheat has minerals, amino acids and vitamins too. Also, this is useful for removing ovary and kidney cyst.

2. Houseleek

This is a houseplant for the health. It can cure things like kidney, ovary and breast cyst. You need 300 g honey and 300 g houseleek leaves. Wash the leaves and crush them well. Refrigerate for a week and stir. Have a spoon of this 3 times daily before the meals.

3. Mix tea

You need water, yarrow, calendula, elderberries, mint and mistletoe. Mix them in some water and cook to boil. This needs 6 months to work. This makes immunity better, removes inflammation and stops the tumor. Have it daily for half a year and also have healthy diet too. No alcohol and dairy during this time and for better result get lemon balm, yarrow, sage, mistletoe drops. They will soothe you from stress and tension.


This could help you so remember this article. And also inform others about the benefits of coconut water.


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