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Boost Your Immune System and Detox Your Body with These Tips

Autoimmune conditions have become increasingly more common in recent years, and it’s all due to the increased air pollution and overexposure to heavy metals and toxins. This kind of toxic exposure can disrupt the balance of hormones in our body and result in numerous problems such as autoimmune disorders which can have serious consequences on our health.


The immune system can remove toxins, heavy metals and other toxic substances on its own when strong and working properly. However, when weakened due to the aforementioned factors, the body may start attacking its own cells. Sometimes, this problem is caused by consuming GMO foods rich in sugar and pesticides, which can cause autoimmune disorders such as vitiligo, diabetes, eczema, autism, lupus, leukemia and other autoimmune conditions. Luckily, all of this can be prevented by making a few lifestyle changes that can strengthen your immune system. Here’s what you need to do:


Detoxify your body

Castor oil, dandelion root, turmeric, beets and garlic are powerful detoxifiers which can clean your liver and support its function. If you’re suffering from gallstones, we suggest eating tart apples for a week and drinking carrot juice every day in order to keep the stones from dislodging. Another great way to detoxify your liver is to drink olive and lemon juice shots every morning.


Eat a healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet and removing sugar, GMO foods as well as pasteurized and processed foods from it will restore the function of your organs and keep your body healthy. Add more nuts, seeds, fish, olive oil probiotics, avocados and coconut oil in your diet in order to keep your body alkaline and clean.


Colon detox

If you want to keep your body clean, you need to clean your colon first. The colon is often full of waste deposits which can enter the bloodstream and cause numerous health problems. You can clean the organ with Indian gooseberry, coffee enemas, plain enemas or triphala. You can also try drinking kefir or Aloe Vera gel, using activated charcoal or consuming fennel or ginger tea.


Kidney detox

The kidneys are responsible for filtering toxins out of the blood and should be kept clean at all times. To do this, you should consume horsetail tea, cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, warm lemon water or vitamin B6-rich foods. You should also stay far away from pesticides and wash your fruits well before eating them.


Skin detox

Keeping the skin clean is very important for your overall health. The skin is often damaged by excessive use of cosmetics that contain a lot of chemicals. In order to clean your skin, soak in Epsom salt baths every day, go to a sauna and stop using commercial cosmetics.


Lymphatic system detox

Take yoga classes and go for a walk every day to clean your lymphatic system and get your lymph flowing.


Remove parasites from your body

In order to keep your immune system clean and strong, you should remove all parasites from your body. You can do this with bentonite clay, cinnamon tea, garlic, cloves or coconut oil.


Remove heavy metals from your blood

To eliminate heavy metals in your blood, you should add Brussels sprouts, zeolite clay, cabbage, garlic and sulfur-rich foods in your diet. Of course, not getting unnecessarily vaccinated is important as well as vaccines are full of various heavy metals.


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