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You Cannot Fool Nature – Butter Is Always Better

Is butter bad? Back in the 60s and 70s were evidence that butter is much better than margarine. The fake and chemically laced foods and processed foods convinced millions Americans to opt for margarine since this was said to be superior to butter. This mantra was repeated all the time and said saturated fats make obesity and sickness of hearts. Is that true? claimed…

High doses fat and cholesterol to omnivores, rats, or dogs, does not make atherosclerosis.

But, people with excess saturated fat in diets have lowest heart risks.

Last word is to Julia Child who propagated saturated fats!

Processed food complex made unholy alliance to Madison Avenue, AMA, and also lame stream media to deceive Americans to think margarine, the synthetic plastic no-nutrition additive of cheap refined oils is superior to grass-fed butter.

Butter tastes better, is natural and people cooked with this for centuries, and were healthy.

Damage of fake fat

Semi hydrogenated fats in margarine damaged arteries and vessels. They reduced good cholesterol and raised bad one and lipoproteins, thus making heart damage. Also they raised C protein, inflammation and cell damaging marker. Even worse, they stopped using of good omega 3 fats and prostaglandins that remove blood clots. Such a diet made insulin resistance and diabetes 2.

The NY times covered the bad effect of hydrogen oils and still promote myths for saturated fats. To work best, the heart, lungs, immunity, bones, liver and hormones need good saturate fats in moderation. Cholesterol and fatty acids are for healthy cells, D and hormones, and transport of minerals and vitamins. New England journal for medicine said there is link between heart issues and trans fats. Low levels of trans fats 1-2% increased this risk.

Also, many understood trans fat of margarine and shortenings, and hydrogen oils is evil and makes more issues than saturated fat. Despite evidence, low-fat craze remains a favorite between health institutions. Recent food charts by US department for agriculture USDA, last year in December said to reduce saturated fats to just 7% of calories, from the previous 10%.

5 reasons to eat more butter

1. Conjucated CLA linoleic acid, the raw butter has anti

Tumor CLAs, stops cancer growth on skin, colon, lungs, breasts. Removes fungi and makes muscles grow, stops weight gain.


2. Butyric acid

Butter has 4% of this acid, short chain fat that stops tumors. This signals immunity to act in infections


3. K2 vitamin

Raw butter and cream has K2, co-factor for D vitamin. This uses calcium of blood into bone cells, making them more dense instead calcified with the heart too.


4. Fat soluble vitamin

Butter has A, E, D, all fat soluble.


5. Wulzen factor

Raw butter, milk and cream have this factor, or anti-stiffness factor. This stops calcification in joints and cataract, also calcified pineal gland. Pasteurizing process kills this factor.

Raw butter from pasture cows is amazing and does not make weight gain when consumed wisely based on health needs, body type and nutritional need. This butter has short chain fats SCFAs and medium chain fats MCFAs that are stored like fat and serve as energy.

Butter pyramid – what to look for?

  • At top is butter of pastured and grass fed cows
  • Middle is organic butter with pasteurized milk of such cows with NO rBGH, rBST and antibiotics.
  • The base is pasteurized milk butter from grain, confined, factory farmed and antibiotic cows with rBGH and rBST

Butter at bottom is yet still better than margarine. Margarine is just a lab plastic food and never real food. Cheap, lacks nutrients and damages us. But, it has long shelf-life and more profit than real butter.

Is this the end of margarine – butter war?


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