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Dentists and Orthodontists Warn Us Against the Catch in Home-Teeth-Straightening

Orthodontists warn patients for the dangers of a latest craze for straightening teeth at home with DIY braces. This can damage teeth beyond repair.

The AAO American Association of Orthodontists  reported 13 % of patients have tried this dangerous method.

Some tools for this method include elastic bands, floss, fishing line, paper clips and such, claimed AAO. Videos of amateur tutorials have emerged and have become popular on social media.

It is shameful when someone asks for help after such a method and we as professionals have to determine the damage done to the teeth. Excessive or minor, regardless, said DDS, MS, Dewayne B. McCamish, AAO president. By the time a person sees damage to teeth, this may be too late even with our help. To replace a lost tooth can cost $20.000 and is not good.

You need to keep in mind that a good dentist treatment means a healthy smile for life, but shortcuts are awful, said McCamish.

Ga., David Campbell of Atlanta said for ABC news that his dentist told him at young age to use rubber bands on teeth at night to close the gap in the front teeth. So at night, Campbell saw the bands were gone and he thought they were falling off.

But, Campbell found out that these bands went up the gums and made teeth rot! He added for ABC news that he went to another dentist and they saw 4 bands or 5 being in the gums roots. This made teeth strangled.

Dr. Rosen Nancy, NY dentist said for ABC that what Campbell did damages teeth rapidly even in a few days, and to repair this costs a lot.

In the end, you might pay double more for the mistakes.

Campbell lost his front two teeth and he spent over $40-50.000 for dental care in a few years. He hopes other people will learn from such mistakes.

It looks simple, but Campbell said for this DIY method that is costing thousands after it is done and also has some pain along too!

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