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These Diet Mistakes Will Only Make You Gain More Weight and Belly Fat, Avoid Them!

If you’re trying to lose weight without a result, you are probably doing it wrong. Don’t be depressed however – many people make diet mistakes every day and we’re here to show you what you need to fix. Here are 4 common diet mistakes people make that cause more and more weight gain:


Eating smaller meals throughout the day

Some people think that eating smaller meals during the day can boost their metabolism and help them lose weight, but this is wrong. Yes, consuming more smaller meals instead of 3 big ones will prevent you from overeating, but it won’t help you lose weight efficiently. The key is not to overeat, not in the number of meals you have.


Eating late at night

This is another common misconception about losing weight – you’re not doing anything wrong if you’re eating late. It’s not the timing that counts – it’s the calories you consume. One recent study which examined the eating habits of many people divided into 2 groups found out that the group who ate late at night didn’t have more weight by the end of the study. They lost 11% more weight and 10% more body fat, which shows that what you eat, not when you eat it has the most impact on your weight.


Low-calorie diets work faster

Again, this is not true. Low-calorie diets will only starve your body of nutrients it requires, resulting in numerous problems that can have serious consequences on your health.

All calories aren’t equal

This is true. The body can burn 3% of fat calories, 6% of carb calories and 20-30% of protein calories. So, if you eat 1000 calories of chicken meat and ice-cream you will gain weight as the body burns more calories from the protein source (chicken) rather than the fat source (ice-cream).


Article and image source: www.naturalhealthyteam.com

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