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This Doctor Shared a Technique for Less Foot and Heel Pain

Pain the feet soles is aching and awful, especially if you walk all the time. It is called plantar fasciitis. No worries, this is treatable and needs no surgery.

Relax and get the needed info for recovery.

In the video, Dr. Donald DeFabio shared diagnoses and how he treated patients. Also he gives chiropractic advice for home treatment.

Before the video, let’s explain this.

Plantar fasciitis

This is common issue and for people stressing feet with running, athletes and overweight issues.

Those that have this describe the pain as stabbing pain and in the morning mostly. It happens in plantar fascia tissue linking toe and heels. It gets inflamed.

If you have such a pain, talk to a medical person.

DeFabio treated this with proper diagnosis. Then with interdiscipline approach for inflammation removal and relief.

For this, he used intracell stick that is safely used at home too. If no, then Graston process.

In this process is used stainless item for dissolving scar tissues and foot elasticity. He drives blood in the foot to heal it better. Same goes for flexible calves.

This is vital since prevents curling wrong in the feet.

Also, he wrapped the foot in 2 tape types to take pressure off.

If you suffer from this, try these methods. And consult a doctor.


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