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Early Signs You Consume TOO MUCH Sugar!

Sugar is sweet, but it can seriously harm your health in bigger amounts. Once you see how it affects your body, you will never look at sugar in the same way again. Our body sends many symptoms that indicate we’re consuming far too much sugar, and that it’s time to stop. Here are the seven early signs that show you eat too much sugar:

Carb and sugar cravings

If you’re frequently craving sugar and carbs, you’ve become a sugar addict. If this is the case, you need to clean your body of sugar with a sugar detox method.

Lack of energy and fatigue

Constantly feeling tired for no reason at all is another sign of sugar addiction. Sugar and carbs can give you a temporary boost of energy, but will make you crash down to earth later. If you’re always tired even after getting rest, you may be eating too much sugar.

Skin and feet problems

Sugar has an inflammatory effect on the body and might be the reason for eczema, rosacea or acne. Many people have resolved these problems by cutting sugar out from their diet. Dr. S. Green, a New York-based podiatrist, says that sugar may be the main culprit behind plantar fasciitis, a disorder that causes pain in the heel and feet. Excess sugar consumption can also cause adrenal fatigue and dark bags under the eyes.

Weight gain

Excess sugar always equals excess calories as sugar doesn’t have protein or fiber. Excess sugar can trigger excess insulin production, which can lead to insulin resistance and the subsequent weight gain.

Frequent flu and colds

If you’re frequently affected by flu or colds, you might be eating too much sugar. Sugar can weaken your immune system and impair your body’s ability to fight flu and colds.

Brain fog

If your mind becomes foggy after meals, you’re a sugar addict. Brain fog occurs due to low blood sugar levels. When you’re eating too much sugar, the insulin levels spike, which could lead to major cognitive problems if it constantly occurs.

Nothing tastes as sweet as it used to be

Consuming excess sugar will attack the taste buds and impair your sugar tolerance, which is why nothing will taste as sweet as before. Cutting out the sugar can help in this case, and will help you enjoy sugary treats again.


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