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Fibromyalgia Causes All Doctors Hide – 10 Causes in a List

This problem affects over 6 million people with 1 of 50. This is with pain in muscles, fatigue, sleep issues, foggy brain, cognition issues, depression and more. Medicine has yet to see for the causes and manage signs, but lately this is cured only with antidepressants and painkillers.

But other medicines look at other causes and curings. I have helped many people to cure this and here are the 10 causes.

1. Gluten intolerance

Gluten is linked to over 55 diseases and is under a big mask. The cause for this is not so much digestive but more neurological, pain, cognition issues, sleep issues, behavior issues, depression, fatigue.


2. Thyroid

Over half of people with thyroid problems have no clue and 90% have hypothyroidism and doctors have to check all 6 markers in the blood. Also doctors have to see the optimal levels and no standard ranges. When thyroid is in optimal range, there is no more depression, foggy brain, fatigue and sleep issues.


3. Candida

This is yeast or fungi and a bit of it is in intestines. When in excess, candida goes through the wall of intestines and in bloodstream, relaxes toxic items and makes foggy brain, digestion issues, pain, fatigue.


4. Vitamin deficit

Vitamin D, Mg, B12 are the most common. I had few patients with reversed fibromyalgia only by vitamins and Mg too. Measure Mg with red blood cell mg levels.


5. Leaky gut and small intestine bacteria overgrowth

There are more bacteria on and in us than we know. They get out of balance with antibiotics and sugars. Then we get lack of nutrients and lack of B12. Gluten also makes SIBO and leaky gut.


6. Adrenal fatigue

This is due to stress and pain is due to adrenal glands. The main stressor is food intolerance. Candida, toxic mercury, mycotoxins and vitamin deficits.


7. Mycotoxins

They are toxic items and made by molds. 25% of people has the genes susceptible to these. Mold tests are just for mold spores and not for mycotoxins. I used urine mycotoxin tests in this case.


8. Mercury toxicity

All my patients need a biological dentist to remove their mercury amalgams. This is toxic for us and makes also fatigue, neurological issues, cancer and autoimmune illnesses. Have heavy metal testing pre and post DMPS urine test.


9. MTHFR mutation

A genetic test in any lab you have. More mutations at MTHFR gene means you are less able for methylating and detox in toxins like lead and mercury. More mutations in this gene needs more methyl-B6, methyl-B12 and folic acid too to have good detox.


10. Glutathione deficit

This is a molecule and critical part of our detox system. This is recycled in us unless the toxins are high and we lack GSTM1 and GSTP1, enzymes for recycling and making glutathione. Taking this or NAC, milk thistle, alpha lipoic acid helps with fatigue.

As you saw from this list, many causes are not related and there is no one root for fibromyalgia and illnesses. This is mix of many causes. The root is complex to find out, so get a proper doctor. No need to suffer anymore with improper meds.


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