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She Found How to Treat Arthritis and Decided to Share It with the World

Arthritis is an inflammatory joint disorder that causes joint pain and stiffness as well as swelling, reduced range of motion in the joints and warmth in the area. It can develop slowly or sudden and affects millions of people around the world regardless of age or gender. Arthritis has more than 100 forms (osteoarthritis, gout, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis) that can seriously affect your quality of life.


According to the CDC, more than 52 million adults and 300 000 children have experienced arthritic symptoms between 2010-2012, and further research on the disease shows that it may affect 78 million adults by 2040. The severity of the symptoms ranges from mild to severe – in the worst cases, the disease can affect your range of movement and prevent you from doing any kind of physical activity.


Recently, a woman named Susie told her story which amazed the world. Susie was diagnosed with arthritis and her hands were extremely swollen on any weather change. She tried everything fighting arthritis, but nothing seemed to help. However, one day, Susie read an article online that recommended eliminating dairy products from the diet in order to fight the problem. She took the advice and after two months, her pain was completely gone! Susie stopped consuming dairy products altogether and her managed to defeat her arthritis in just a short time!


If you’re one of the unfortunate sufferers of this painful disease, stop consuming dairy products and see if it helps. Furthermore, we suggest eating a healthy diet and exercising every day in order to maintain your weight and stay healthy.


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