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She Gave Her Husband 2 Spoons of This Twice Daily, and He Cured the Alzheimer’s

She gave her husband 2 spoons coconut oil a day and after 2 months, he saw faces again, recognized them, spoke with family and even read and talked more.

Alzheimer’s facts

  1. This disease is called this way after Dr. Alois Alzheimer. In 1906, he saw some changes in the brain of a woman which died from strange mental illness. Her signs were weak memory, memory loss, speaking issues, strange behavior. After she died, they examined her brain and found strange clumps or amyloid plaque and tangled fibers or neurofibrillary tangles. These tangles and plaques are the main causes for Alzheimer’s. another cause is loss in links between nerve cells in brain. Neurons bring messages in different brain parts and to muscles and organs too.
  2. This disease is ranked as 6th lead cause of death in USA, and recently stats say it is ranked 3rd behind heart issues and cancer in elder people.
  3. This is the main cause of dementia in elder people. Dementia is cognition loss, no remembering and behavior changes which impede daily work. Dementia has severities from mild to severe when the person cannot go on with essential daily work. Causes for this vary with brain changes and such.

Research on coconut oil

Back in 2004, a study from the Neurobiology of aging said coconut improves cognition and memory. 20 people were monitored and they got placebos and coconut. After 90 min, those with coconut had more beta-hydroxybutyrate beta OHB, the best ketone.

Also they starved and fasted before this test and after 90 min of the coconut, the bets dose was stated as 40 ml.

Mercola said how David Perlmutter is an amazing neurologist and claimed fats and carbs is the main reason of Alzheimer’s.


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