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HONEY Found to Reduce Arterial Plaque by an Astonishing 30%…

According to a recent research, honey can be the natural remedy against any heart disease! It contains a form of natural sugar called trehalose which is known to be able to reduce arterial plaque in 30%. You can also find this sugar in shrimps, lobsters and mushrooms. If you can’t tolerate honey or you just don’t like it, these are the options you can use.

The only tricky thing about it is that in order to obtain the miraculous benefit of trehalose you’ll have to inject the sugar into your veins directly. It sounds weird, but some people still consider it a better option than some of the concoctions of Big Pharma.

According to the researchers from Washington University, trehalose has the ability to activate a protein which makes the immune cells to start removing plaque deposits from the arterial walls. This plaque is extremely damaging to the arteries. It actually leads to atherosclerosis. The blood vessels become hardened and stiff because of the build-up. This is a risk factor for the appearance of angina, peripheral artery disease, high blood pressure and heart disease. Your arteries become clogged. Some of them even break and form clots which increase your risk of gangrene or a stroke.

Atherosclerosis can be a life-threatening condition.

According to the lead author of the study called Dr. Babak Razani, during atherosclerosis, macrophages are the ones that try to improve the damage to the artery. They clean the area, but the inflammatory nature of the plaques attacks them. Trehalose can improve the whole process and also stimulate the cells to create a new one.

The researches of this study were performed on mice that had increased risk of developing atherosclerosis. The mice were divided into 2 groups: one of the groups was fed with sugar orally and the other one was injected with different types of sugar. The results showed that in the mice who got trehalose the plaques became up to 0.10 millimeters smaller. In these mice the arterial plaques were averagely 0.25 millimeters and in the other group of mice, they were measured to 0.35 millimeters.

Although the difference is very small, the fact that the animals injected with trehalose had a 30% decrease in plaque is still amazing.

Honey is abundant in various health benefits. It possesses antimicrobial properties and can destroy various types of bacteria. Honey also possesses other important health benefits. It should be more and more present at our homes, as it surely is the best known natural medicine we can use!


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