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Napping Can Affect Learning, Awareness, Memory and Much More

In this world some towns and areas shut down to make people reboot and recharge with naps. America is not like this and people rarely nap.

Naps are good for us and if you have the time, nap! This is regular, normal and vital circadian rhythm part.

The focus, learning, concentration and energy all change in the day regardless if you slept well in the night. To recharge, a simple nap is the trick.

A lot of firms like Google and Apple make their workers nap before they keep on working. Medical studies also are pro-naps and claim this makes better focus and performance.

A study of Colorado Boulder university said kids who never nap have more risk of no joy and interest, also anxiety and solving skill problems.

This applies to adults too. Experts of Berkeley said adults who napped are better with memory and learning skills. Napping makes the brain better and rebooted.

How long is the nap lasting?

Experts say a nap lasts 10-20 minutes and after that the brain is refreshed and works much better. Naps are shorter and lighter than a night sleep so do not exceed 20 min to avoid feeling groggy.

Also for sleep that lasts an hour – the body thinks it goes in deep sleep so you will be more tired after this. The longest nap is 90 minutes and just for those that sleep bad at night.

Sleeping affects us positively and makes us think better and work better. Nap as much as you can. And, not too long, to avoid interrupted sleep at night.


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