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Natural and Simple DIY Cures for Sinusitis

When the weather is cold, it is that time of the year when the health becomes endangered. The changing heat and cold temperatures makes us prone to more illnesses. One of them is the sinus infection or sinusitis. This is inflamed and swollen tissues in the sinuses lining. The sinuses are located in the hollow space just behind the facial bones. Lots of people suffer from this, especially people that are adult, overall 28.9 millions.

How to treat this

1. Herbs

They are special for this kind of illness and making immunity stronger.

2. Diet

Skip the chocolate, eggs, fast foods, dairy and sugars at all cost. Then eat more beans, grains, soups, veggies.

3. Acv

This reduces the infection. Also lowers irritations from sinusitis

4. Clean room for sleep

Dust makes sinuses even worse than before and especially at night. Have a clean room where you sleep to skip nose dust

5. Steam

Hot water steam moisten the sinuses when you inhale this, so also a few drops of eucalyptus oil and menthol

6. Spice up food

This makes nasal paths more open


See the video under the article and get more info.

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