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You Need More of These 9 Habits as Prevention to Alzheimer and Dementia

Dementia is the main term for many illnesses like loss of memory, impeded daily work and more.

This happens in many shapes, Huntington, vascular dementia, Parkinson and 80% Alzheimer.

This has fast progress unless treated. Signs are apathy, depression, bad memory, no name and talks memory.

What to pay attention to for dementia?

  • Head injury
  • No workouts
  • Bad diet
  • Heart risks (cholesterol, diabetes, pressure)
  • Affected thyroid
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking

Prevent dementia with these tips

1. No smoking

This damages brain too. Smokers are at 45% more risk for Alzheimer than others

2. Activity

With healthy vascular system, blood flow pump0s well to heart. Have workouts every day at least ½ hour

3. B vitamins

This can lower the homocysteine HC that damages vascular health. If this is high, you have risk of strokes, heart and such issues. Also with B stop aging issues.

4. Vitamin D

Studies said this vitamin if low in levels makes dementia too. Have supplements of D vitamin and the best natural source is the sun. for winter, have the supplements.

5. Work the brain too

Onset of dementia can be delayed for 5 years if you speak at least 2 languages. Challenge the brain and have puzzles, crosswords, games and such. This delays this for almost 3 years.

6. Prevent head injury

For bikers, have helmets. Also winter sports need safety too for prevention of brain damage

7. Less alcohol

This puts you at risk too

8. Track numbers

Keep an eye on weight, pressure, cholesterol, they all can signal dementia.

9. Socialize

Interact with people more, walk in nature, see relatives often and learn new things often too



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