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Normalize Pressure in 5 Min with No Meds!

Most people deal with pressure due to lack of sleep, stress, smoking, obesity, alcohol and more. Stress strains muscles, constricts blood vessels and rises pressure. Relax muscles and normalize pressure.

Lu Hens, doctor in Spartak ball club, Moscow, had the best natural cure of Chinese people, relieve pressure in 5 min!

As to him, the best thing for blood flow is to reach tissues and muscles. If not, stagnation and diseases happen. Massage some parts and heal.

Focus on these massage points.

  1. Point 1- extends from earlobe back to clavicle middle. Pamper this gently and slow with fingertips. Repeat 10 tips on each side too.
  2. Point 2- starting from ear and extending to nose. Massage this for a minute, on both face sides. Press mildly. This reduces pressure in 5 minutes.


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