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This Oil Can Remove Cigarette and Alcohol Cravings, Uric Acid of Blood and Anxiety Too

This amazing oil can clean the blood of uric acid and even stop vice cravings.

Even in the time of Columbus, men were obsessed with spices. They needed them and travelled the world to find them. Only one, Columbus, was persistent enough to find the cinnamon, ginger, turmeric. But, mostly he searched for black pepper.

This spice is now ignored as being simple, but in ancient times this was even a currency.

It is time to look at this in a better way. Especially the black pepper oil has many health benefits and medical benefits.

Black pepper oil benefits

This oil has many health benefits like killing bacteria, diuretic, expectorant, removes inflammation, stimulates, febrifuge, antispasmodic, laxative, antioxidant, carminative, rubefacient, diaphoretic and more.

  • Good for the gut- this makes more hydrochloric acid and this makes good digestion. This can hinder blockage, colic and diarrhea. Also this pepper removes gut gasses and speeds urination and sweating for detox.
  • Weight loss- the outer layer of peppercorn melts fat cells.
  • Healthy skin- pepper resolves vitiligo too, or medical issue of discolored skin patches. Piperine in pepper brings pigment normal.
  • Respiration- this removes nasal clogging and sinusitis too. It dissolves body fluids and mucus in the chest
  • For bacteria- pepper helps in bites and infections. Use this for artery cleanse too, for reducing risk of atherosclerosis.
  • Antioxidant- this hinders free radicals, keeps liver healthy, heart too and stops cancer
  • Neuro health- the piperine lessens memory loss. This pepper is amazing whether ingested, inhaled, topically used and such.

The uses

1. Orally

If ingested, like in BBQ sauce, this oil gives off sesquiterpenes, or antioxidants that make more sweating and urination, the best 2 ways to remove poisons. Also this oil makes bile in the gut for better food processing

2. Aromatic

Black pepper oil is soothing the body, and mind too. If inhaled, together with juniper or lavender, this aids mental clarity, removes anxiety and stress due to smoking stop.

3. Topical

This and carrier oil soothes muscles and cramps. Also this is antispasmodic and useful for antioxidants, removing uric acid, cleansing blood, helping those with gout, rheum and inflammations.



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