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This Popular Diet Item Can Cause Leukemia and Lymphoma in Humans – Study Claims

Even one diet soda can make bigger risk of leukemia in men and women both, also multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma too. This was claimed by recent studies on aspartame being cancer item for humans. Also, this is the longest study on this topic. Also, this can open your eyes for more such cancer studies.

Over 2 million people, over 2 years

For this, experts have analyzed information from Nurses health study and Health professionals follow up for 22 years period. Over 77.218 women and 47.810 men were included here, total of 2.278.396 people worth of data. Apart from size, this study is superior since it focused on taken aspartame. Every other year people had to fill out a questionnaire and their results were seen every 4 years. Previously, other studies could not find a link between aspartame and cancer and this makes those studies irrelevant.

Even one soda daily increases leukemia risk, myeloma and non-Hodgkin

The mixed results here showed even one 12 oz soda daily can make:

  • 42% more risk of leukemia in both genders
  • 102% more risk of myeloma for men
  • 31% more risk of non-Hodgkin for men

This was based on many variables and risk models, all compared to people drinking soda. It is unclear why men drink more soda, but they had more risk of certain illnesses. Diet soda is the most filled with aspartame in USA. Yearly, Americans drink 5.250 tons soda or 86% is contained in the diet sodas.

Previous researches are confirmed – on animals

This study shows the focus on aspartame. Past studies had no link of aspartame and cancer and were shunned for being short and not focused enough on aspartame intake. This solves both issues. Also this shows link between aspartame and cancer and this is not new, previously the best studies were done on animals (900 rats) had similar outcomes as in 2009, so aspartame increased more risk of leukemia and lymphoma in both genders. Also a mega study said exposure to aspartame of rats is affecting fetuses too. Female rats had more mass in breasts and breast cancer. Will other studies show this risk too for the brain, prostate, breasts?

Now there is more need for this than ever so you need to avoid aspartame daily. If you want to get a soda or diet soda as being healthier, know that men having one minimum soda daily have 66% more risk for non-Hodgkin lymphoma.


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