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The Popular Medication That Causes More Liver Failures Than All Other Medicines Combined

There are thousands of Americans experiencing liver failure every year, and according to recent research, one medication is responsible for the problem. This drug is acetaminophen, and is more dangerous that all other drugs combined!

Acetaminophen (also known as Tylenol) is responsible for more than 50 000 cases of liver failure and 450 deaths annually. And the drug isn’t dangerous for only the liver – it can seriously damage the brain as well. According to a recent joint study from the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia which examined the effects of Tylenol on the brain, the drug can affect the part of the brain where decision making and pain are handled. The subjects’ brain response in this area of the brain was tested when they were asked to choose a target between two choices in quick succession under the influence of Tylenol.

The group that was given acetaminophen had significantly slower brain reaction after making a mistake, which means that the drug affects their cognitive function and ability. This, and the harmful effect of the drug on the liver are reasons enough to quit using acetaminophen and go for natural solutions against pain.


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