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Chinese medicine has always been doubted by many people for decades, but things are way different now.

In this article, we’re going to present you a 2,500 years old method that has been proved to be able to treat various health problems, but mostly anxiety and stress.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine, we all have some acupressure points that are in our body. They are called energy meridians.


The life force or also called qi is going through these meridians. The Chinese method of acupressure can help us stimulate these meridians. According to Chinese medicine, there are 12 energy meridians that are connected to our major organs. They help us maintain a balanced body. According to practitioners, your body doesn’t work as it should when the meridian connected to some important organ doesn’t work as it should.

Applying pressure to some parts of our body has an extremely big effect in reducing anxiety as well as stress. Acupressure is quite similar to acupuncture but instead of using needles, this method uses the fingertips. You’ll feel immediate sense of relief if you press the CV 17 area.

CV 17 is shortened for ‘conception vessel 17′ e.g. the center of our chest. In cases of anxiety or stress, when you press your chest, you’ll feel a bit of a pressure. This is an area connected to the heart-energy center of our body. Chinese medicine claims that our heart center is the one that carries our body’s emotions. Basically, when we’re in a stressful situation, this place becomes sore.

Some practitioners also claim that the position CV 17 has in our upper torso can balance our energy levels of yin and yang. It can help us balance our physical and emotional senses. Applying this kind of pressure will also boost our immune system.

The CV 17 area is located four finger-widths above the base of our breastbone. It’s just in the middle of our chest. It’s also called “the sea of tranquility”.

Put your fingertips in the small indention in this area. Gently rub up and down the center of your breastbone with gentle pressure. At this moment, you should find the right spot.

Make sure you sit with your spine straight. Then, put your palms together. Your fingers should point toward the ceiling. It’s “the prayer pose”.

Apply gentle pressure using the back of your thumb knuckles in the center of your CV 17 for 2 or 3 minutes.

Inhale and exhale deeply and regularly with your eyes closed.

Your neck and shoulders should be relaxed and your head upright.

If you tap this area at night, you’ll fall asleep easily.

Pressuring the CV 17 area will help you relax if you’re depressed, have a chronic fatigue, anxiety hormonal imbalance, post-traumatic stress disorder etc. It can be also very useful in patients who recover from a surgery or some kind of injury.  


Article and image sources: | mysticalraven

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