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Do You Have These Red Spots on Various Parts of Your Body? Should You Worry? What Should You Do?

We have all encountered a skin problem at some point of our life. Wrinkles, moles, stains and red dots are often present in many people. Moles are small stains which are harmless. There are other small spots that appear on the skin, but they are red. They mostly appear in people over 40, but still, they can be noticed in some adolescents and younger adults.


Ruby Points

“Ruby points” is the name of these red skin spots. You can remove them using a surgery, but still you can get rid of them in other ways too which aren’t that invasive. These small red dots are small capillary dilations and they appear because of a failure in the vascular system. They can be mostly seen on the chest and arms. They’re actually benign tumors, but they aren’t dangerous. People just want to get rid of them because they represent more of an aesthetic problem.

Here’s a video that will show you more about these red spots:

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