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Remove 20 Pounds Toxins and the Colon Will Be Healthier – Just 2 Items

A lot of people have diagnosis of colon cancer more than before. Bad habits, bad diets all have an impact. Many science methods can treat this, but they have dangers and are costing a lot too. Now we have a better way, natural to clean the colon.

The best thing on nature is that it has no chemicals and no side effects. This recipe cleans the colon well and you can even lose weight in 3 weeks.

You need:
  • Spoon honey
  • Apple
  • Cup water
  • Spoon flaxseed
  • Spoon chia seeds



Chop the washed apples and seed them. Add them in blender and add water and honey. Blend them and add flax and chia. Stir.

Have this daily for 21 days and see changes soon. Colon will be perfectly clean and weight lost too.

Avoid fast foods and sugars during this time to have the best of this.



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