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Remove Skin Tags, Warts, Moles, Blackheads and Age Spots with Just 1 Item

Skin issues are normal in people since the skin is sensitive. Hormonal imbalance and life habits make skin issues like breakouts, pores, skin tags, moles and more.

To resolve this, and have more glow, you turn to skin care. But this may be more harm than good since they have chemicals.

To remove these issues try nature instead. This list has the best nature remedies for the skin.


This affects all people. Even kids. This means pigments on skin or melanocytes. Moles are from genes or sun.

Cures for moles

1. Garlic

To remove moles, get garlic and its extract. Before you apply this, put mask tape and petroleum around the mole. This keeps skin safe, then secure with bandage for 4 hours. Do it daily.


2. Castor and baking soda

Make paste of these and apply. Secure with bandage. Leave this for the night and then rinse in the morning. Do it daily.


3. Acv

Simple and easy, soak cotton in acv, apply. Leave it for 8 hours and use medical tape. The mole will fall.

4. Warts

They are due to HPV virus and are bumps on skin with mucus membrane. Usually they are frozen and covered with salicylic acid.

Cures for warts

1. Banana

Before bed, rub the peel on the wart and do this for 2 weeks


2. Honey

Same as banana. Rub on skin and secure bandage.


3. Garlic

Remove this in 2 weeks with garlic juice. Before the bandage, rub the garlic juice. Do this 2 times daily


4. Acv

Soak cotton in acv and apply. Secure with bandage and stay like this for the night. Repeat in the morning.

5. Skin tags

They are on neck, eyelids, chest and armpits. These are growths on skin from rubbing. They are cut, frozen or tied off.

Cures for skin tags

1. Acv

Soak cotton in acv and apply. Leave it and in a few days see results. The tag will dry and fall.


2. Tea tree oil

Make mix of water and this oil, soak cotton and apply. Secure with bandage and do this 3 times daily for 30 days. You can even use this near eyes since is mild and safe.


3. Baking soda and castor

Make paste of this and castor, apply and use bandage. Do this 3 times daily and refrigerate it for 48 hours.

Dark spots

These appear on face, armpits and hands. Also are called age spots and patches. The cuase is sun and liver issues.

Cures for dark spots


Simple and easy, soak cotton in juice and apply. Do it 2 times daily


1. Aloe

Apply aloe gel on the spot and leave for 30 min.


2. Onion

Get the juice with blender or juicer. Apply it and leave for 15 min. after this time, wash and repeat.


3. Horseradish

Mix this and vinegar. Apply and repeat.


4. Serum C vitamin

Use organic C serum. Due to the C it heals skin. Also heals damaged skin

5. Clogged pores

This way the skin looks bumpy. It means excess oil is piled up and skin has to be cleansed.

Cures for clogged pores

1. Sugar scrub

make paste of sugar and lemon. Rub and use cloth for circle moves. Then rinse and use warm water.


2. Steam

wash the face and bend over steam of pot with water. Use towel over the head and inhale. After 15 min, wash again and apply vinegar in the end.


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