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Remove Warts, Moles, Tags and Spots Naturally

Common skin issues in men and women are clogged pores, skin tags, spots, moles, warts. These are from genes, hormone issues and unhealthy habits.

You can find many items for this, but they have chemicals and do damage. They irritate skin and make it sensitive.

Alternative medicine proved to be better.

How to cure these issues with nature

1. Moles

These affect all ages. It is from genes and sun. First, use acv cotton soaked, apply on the mole and secure with bandage. Sit for a few hours and the mole will fall. Then use baking soda and castor, mix them and apply. Secure with bandage overnight. Then remove and rinse, do daily. Also try garlic. This is the best for skin issues. Protect the skin with petroleum jelly before this. Apply crushed garlic and secure with bandage. It acts for 4 hours, repeat daily.


2. Skin tag

These are growths from rubbing skin and clothes. They appear mostly on eyelids, groins, chest, neck, armpits. They irritate skin and make infections, especially when rubbed with jewels. Use soda and castor to remove them. Make a paste, apply and put bandage. Refrigerate this for 2 days. Do this 3 times daily. Also use acv, pat the skin with this and it will darken so this is removal. Tea tree oil cotton soak in water and 3 drops oil. Use the cotton on skin and secure with bandage. Do this for 30 days.


3. Warts

These are from HPV virus. It is frozen or treated with salicylic acid, but is not always effective. Use honey rubbing and bandage before bed. Or rub banana skin before bed for 15 days. Try acv too with bandage and use it overnight. Then rinse. Last, use garlic for 15 days, secure with bandage and do it daily. Or use garlic juice twice daily.


4. Clogged pore

For oily skin, read this. Excess sebum makes such pores. These hurt if untreated and affect the skin. Use sugar scrub with lemon and sugar. Rub this with cotton and cloth and wash the face. Also try steaming over pot with boiled water. Cover head with towel and stay like that 15 min. wash face then and apply vinegar for cleansing.


5. Spots

This is age spots and affects more elder people. This is discolored patch of skin on hands, forearms and face. Also sun does this. Try aloe gel for 30 min. Or, also try onion juice to act 15 min and rinse. Mix horseradish and vinegar and apply daily. Soak cotton in lemon and rub on the spot twice daily. Serum of C vitamin is amazing and makes skin light and repaired too.


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