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Repelling Ticks the Best Way

A lot of people need the best way possible to repel ticks with no chemicals. But, we have good news, there is a good and nice smelling way to do so with no chemicals.

Ticks are using smell the most. They do not come from trees, but they do quests. Or they climb to the top of blade and grass to plants, then they stick to air with their legs and wait for the smell of the victim.

If there is a tick on your head, it must have crawled. Their front legs are Haller organs and they sense the smell, heat, moves and carbon dioxide. They sense coming this way. Since they like moisture and warmth, they wait for such environment to have as home. They dislike geranium essential oil the most.

Two kinds exist of the rose geranium oils. To get the most for the price, get the one botanical Pelargonium capitatum x radens. The more popular is the pelargonium graveolens of same family. But another species.

Most oils need dilution, but this one does not. Just get a few drops. Put a drop on the ankles and wrists, a bit behind knees and back base of neck. Dogs sense this too so easy with oil for them. Have a drop for them behind shoulders and top of tail. Avoid nose and face, they are too sensitive.

Other oils like citronella, lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus, cedar are all also good for this aim and bugs. See labels for directions of these oils.

Whatever the oil, be careful and check all areas head to toe for possible bugs.



Rose geranium oil is a single oil mixed of roses and geraniums.

Not all oils are good for animals (cats and horses the most). Talk to a veterinarian before such oils.



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