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Here Is Why You Should Stop Consuming Baby Carrots!

The adorable baby carrots are quickly gaining popularity in the last few years. Parents love to give them to their children as a snack – they are the perfect healthy food and are suitably sized as well. Although they are classified as carrots, baby carrots do differ from regular carrots.


When peeled and cut, they have a thinner core and have rounded edges as well. Although popular and considered healthy, there’s been a heated debate over the safety of consuming baby carrots in recent times. According to some people, baby carrots are put in chlorine before being delivered to the market, and the white stripes they have is caused by leaking chlorine.


Just what exactly are baby carrots?

According to National Geographic, 46% of fresh produce never makes it to the market due to its shape. No one wants to buy ugly-looking fruit and veggies, so the ones that have a different shape are thrown out. Many farmers donate the ugly produce to markets who sell it for a low price, but still, people haven’t accepted ugly fruit and veggies well.


Consumers know how a carrot is supposed to look like, so it’s very difficult to fool them. However, farmers found a workaround – they started cutting and peeling the misshaped carrots and pack them in bags, selling them as baby-cut carrots, which is not the same as baby carrots. Real baby carrots are grown until the baby phase – they are pulled out from the ground before they start developing. They can be found in the produce sections in markets and are usually sold with greenery on them. However, not everything is so perfect as many people think.


In order to preserve their color and crunch, farmers soak baby carrots in chlorine. The same method is used to reduce the risk of ailments and infections. According to Grimmway farms, one of the leading baby carrot producers, this type of carrots is soaked in a solution of chlorine that is within the allowed limits set by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). They say that this amount equals the amount of chlorine added to tap water, but even a small amount of the compound can be dangerous for our health. According to data from The US Council of Environmental Quality, drinking chlorinated water raises the risk of cancer by a whopping 93%!


Chlorine is a highly toxic compound that doesn’t break down easily, so our advice is to avoid consuming baby carrots just to be on the safe side. If you must have them, try finding a organic source which are soaked in a citrus solution that won’t harm your health. Additionally, you can also cut regular carrots to smaller pieces and make your own baby carrots.


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