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Turmeric Is Not So Potent Unless You Have These Foods Too

We all know it, turmeric is the healthy herb. Why? What are the benefits?

How much do you need?

The curcuma is the best item in turmeric. There are other such items too for the yellow color they give. Curcuminoids fight illnesses and signs. They contain antioxidants, anti-tumor agents and anti-inflammatories. So, curcuma is fighting infections and illnesses. Have more turmeric and fight pancreatitis, IBS, Alzheimer and cancer

But, there is a catch.

This item curcumin must be bioavailable. This term means how much we absorb of things inside. If this is low, like the curcuma, we must eat something else to. Not just more of this.

There must be a good way to make more bioavailability. Have these tricks:

1. Fresh black pepper

This is medicinal and makes curcumin more useful. If we eat more turmeric, we spike in curcuminoids and with black pepper, this skyrockets. With the same amount of curcumin, but more useful by 2000%. Even a pinch of pepper, 1/20th of tsp, you boost this, said Greger Michael MD, author and speaker for health.

2. Good fats

Turmeric needs fat to fully get this benefit. Eating the whole root is good too, and the natural turmeric oils powder, dry or fresh make curcuma better. If not dissolved well, curcuma has hard time to go to the gut where the immunity is. Said Dr. Mercola. Curcuma needs fat to be soluble and try to add this in dressing and sauce for more color too

3. More heat

Here the cooking art starts. Turn heat on, and curcuma is yours! Dr. Sukumar Saraswati, pathologist and oncologist from John Hopkins center said turmeric is not sparingly used. This is used in every sautee even ¼ tsp, or ½ too. Use this lavishly and cook all the time with this. For sautee, just add a dash. With the heat and oil, this is all healthy.

This is it. Mix turmeric and pepper, add healthy fats and ghee or coconut, heat up and voila. Tasty and beneficial.


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