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The Whole Truth About the Budwig Diet

In the 1950s, Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist and well-known author invented a diet composed of simple ingredients that can reverse the effects of cancer. The diet is based around the consumption of cottage cheese and flaxseed oil and is considered to have a 90% success rate against cancer, although the results have been disputed by many scientists.

Johanna managed to cure over 4500 cancer patients over five decades with the Budwig diet which focuses on consuming the aforementioned ingredients and avoiding sugar, hydrogenated vegetables oils, meat and other ingredients. Before Johanna developed the diet, a Nobel Prize wined name Otto Warburg discovered that cancer cells can’t live in an anaerobic environment. At the same time, he knew that there was a link between fats and cellular oxygen absorption, but some types of fats were still not discovered at that time.

Later, Johanna Budwig did extensive research on the different properties of many fatty acids, which led to the creation of the Budwig diet that includes eating foods that can destroy cancer cells. Johanna found out that flaxseed oil and cottage cheese have the best effect on cancer cells, and has used the diet to cure a lot of patients. It didn’t bring her many friends, but the diet is still considered as one of the rare natural remedies against the deadly disease.

The Budwig diet is a life-changing experience and can be used to improve your overall health as well. However, it should be followed strictly or it won’t be able to work. If you’re interested about the diet, check out the video above.


Article and image source: livetheorganicdream.com

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