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The World’s #1 Superfood for Hypertension, Cholesterol, Heart Attack and Stroke

In this article, we’re going to present you the best super-food. It’s an amazing dry fruit that’s super-sweet and is loved by many! You’ve guessed it – dates! They are abundant in some very healthy properties that will help you against numerous health problems like for example hypertension, strokes or cholesterol.

They contain plenty of nutrients that will improve your whole metabolism. Here are 8 health benefits dates have!


8 Health Benefits of Dates

  1. Loaded in Iron

Iron is extremely necessary for children, pregnant women or people with anemia. 100 grams of dates contain 0.90 mg of iron which is 11% of the recommended dose that you should intake every day. Iron is especially good for our hemoglobin and red blood cells, but it also provides us with a better flow of oxygen to our blood.


  1. Prevent Diarrhea

Potassium is an extremely important mineral that helps us against diarrhea because it soothes the belly flora and our intestines, offering us more healthy bacteria.


  1. Relieve Constipation

As we already mentioned, dates are amazing in cases of diarrhea and constipation. Put several dates in a glass of water and leave them to rest throughout the night. In the morning, you can drink the juice and eat the dates and you’ll manage to improve your digestion as they will offer you mild laxative effects.


  1. Balance body weight

If you eat dates on an empty stomach, you’ll manage to stop the excess of fat issue. They don’t contain cholesterol at all, but they do contain plenty of sugar.


  1. Regulate cholesterol

Dates have the ability to regulate your bad cholesterol also called LDL because they have the ability to prevent the formation of blood clots and clean your blood vessels.


  1. Strengthen the Heart

Soak several dates in a glass of water throughout the night. Strain them in the morning strain them and remove their seeds. Blend and eat the seeds as they are especially helpful against heart issues.


  1. Regulate Blood Pressure

People who have problems with hypertension should consume plenty of dates. They contain 0 sodium and plenty of potassium. 80 mg of magnesium is present in 5-6 dates. This mineral spreads our blood vessels and improves our blood flow. We need 370 mg of magnesium to help us lower our blood pressure.


  1. Prevent Stroke

The high level of potassium in dates is excellent for our nervous system because it helps us prevent stroke. Try to intake 400 mg of potassium every day and don’t worry ever again!


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