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Wrap Feet with Aluminum Layers and an Hour Later See Amazing Results

The aluminum foil is in every household and it has many uses, cooking, saving leftovers, but also this item can remove fatigue, pain in joints and other things. Read more below.

1. Removal of fatigue

This foil removes insomnia and fatigue too. Health Digest said some advices for instant relief. Cut some foil strips and refrigerate them for 2-4 hours. Put them on the face, even cheeks and eyelids. Muscles will get relaxed and then remove the foil.


2. Soothing joint pain

This foil removes sciatica pain, arthritis, gout, joint pains and heel pain. Wrap the foil on the area and cover with bandage. Let this sit overnight and remove in morning. Do this daily for 2 weeks. Also make 2 week pause to repeat this again.


3. Soothing burns

This method is amazing and this is why doctors of Wisconsin university got encouraged to wrap burns in foil. For better results, wash this area with cold water and pat dry. Apply ointment, put gauze over this and wrap it with foil. Secure with bandage and leave it.


4. No phantom pain

This is unexplained pain from amputation surgery. It feels like is from body part no longer there. To remove this, wrap the foil and secure with bandage.


5. No pesky cold

Wrap feet in 5 to 7 aluminum foil layers and leave this for an hour. When done, remove the foil and let feet breathe a few hours. Then repeat.


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